My Wedding Photography Contract!
July 23, 2020
Just posted my personal contract for wedding photography. It's up over here if you're a member:
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Nasroullah Dinally

Hi Taylor, would it possible to make a video about Pixieset? I would to see how it help you to serve your clients.Thanks.

Hey Taylor, thanks for this, contracts have been an ongoing bugbear for me so glad to have this as a template. I know you do your signings in person but I was wondering what you do in the case of away weddings? I live in Sydney but the majority of weddings I get asked about are a 1-3 hours drive away so it wouldn't be convenient for couples or myself to meet in order to sign. I was wondering what type of client management software you were referring to in the video that allow for digital signatures?
Thanks for the help,

Hey Oscar,

I've been using Honeybook. It makes it easy to have clients e-sign their contracts, send payments, or submit any other questionairres/docs you might have. I especially like having a single tab to organize communication for each client. There are others out there. I bet they'd serve you well!

Thank you Alma, I'll look them up!