100 Founding Memberships Available
May 29, 2020

All of my Patreon content will be moving over here during the next month. 

The main reason for moving from Patreon is because I can now properly structure content and make it easy to find. 
It was really challenging to find what you wanted over there. Plus, one of my struggles that I couldn't change was Patreon's billing date. Even if you joined on the 30th of a month, they would bill you again on the 1st. No longer over here! Lots and lots more to come!

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Brian Sturtevant

Been following you on Patreon for a long time, members on here all founding members or are there tiers to get everything. I was getting everything you offered on Patreon with your 1st 10,000 price.
Thank you for the clarification

Julian Roberts

Hi. Much prefer this to Patreon. Can you please share your approach to lighting outside group shots / family formals? Maybe you've covered this already in one of your videos? Thanks!

Melissa Palka

Thank you for providing all of this amazing content! It has helped me so much in my own photography career, and I truly appreciate it.

Maxwell Bryant

The files read XMP. What can I do?

Maxwell Bryant

I need help. I'm unable to import presets to the lightroom.

Srdj Andrejic

So the patreon stuff is all getting moved here and deleted there ? Meaning paying you here going forward instead of on patreon?! Cool!

Taylor Jackson

Yep! It's way easier to navigate content on this site, so I'm looking forward to it!

Jason Jackson

Hi Taylor

Became a founding member after supporting you over on patreon during covid.

Was impressed by content!

I look forward to learning more and becoming an active member of the community!

Dave Whittaker

I have spot checked some of the videos and I have to say -- for the Founders price there is almost more information here than one can fully digest and appreciate in one year. I imagine I will purchase this next year also. Loving what I'm seeing and hearing so far. Thanks Taylor. As a video producer (going back to 1983) I fully appreciate what you have put together here. Variety, insights, humor and a pragmatic approach to the subject matter. Kudos!

Hi! I joined as founding member. I'm keen to support content creators I get value from.

Does this new membership system replace Patreon, going forward?

Taylor Jackson

Yah it does. Everything will be over here before the end of the month :)

I'm so glad for the founding member price, Patreon, although the content was so great...it was just too expensive for me ):

Gabriel Pinto

Well, finally did it!
Despite this pandemic no income season I decided to invest here with a annual membership.
I've been following Taylor for some time now and I like his genuineness most of all.
I'm from Portugal and I've been second shooting and editing foreign weddings for 5 years. I believe it's time for me to also start my own brand for the local market, and I hope to learn useful stuff here.

Jason Jackson

Me too!

I am from Scotland and I look forward to starting my own wedding business in the next year.

Long time fan, first time Patreon subscriber!!! I can't wait to dig in and really get to know Taylor Jackson, how he thinks, what he eats, you know....all the good stuff. Wow, am I stoked!!!!!!!!! Yaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Trying to watch The Pricing Template vid but it doesn't seem to be apart of the membership deal. Is that the case

Cassandra Guerra

You should have been sent an email from Taylor about the course. Follow the email link to the YouTube video, then follow the link embedded in the video's comments. This should let you purchase the course for free.

Taylor Jackson

It should be now! Sorry for whatever reason that one wasn't checked! Should be now

Been watching your videos for a long time, I started my business this January - figured when I saw this that as I had learned a lot from your content it was fair to give a little back - plus hopefully learn much more from these courses!

Jerome Palmerino Jr

Will there be any additional content coming to Patreon? Just checking...because I have your original Patreon pricing from years ago. I suppose I should stop paying for Patreon now that I have signed up here?

I joined as a founding member but did not see/realize I could pay annually. Can I change my plan to that and still keep my founding member status?

Cassandra Guerra

I am a founding member (started July 1st and am glad to be here), and I'm seeing the Wedding Pricelist link, but I am unable to view it? Can someone clarify if there is a separate charge, aside from being a member to view the template? Thanks

You should have been sent an email from Taylor about the course. Follow the email link to the YouTube video, then follow the link embedded in the video's comments. This should let you purchase the course for free.

Cassandra Guerra

Ah yes, I see it now! I figured I was just missing something. Thanks Darrin!

Saundra McBride

I am so excited about this opportunity! Great things are just ahead. Thanks so much 😊

Luca D’Addezio

Finally! I was waiting for this... glad to jump aboard!

Julian Roberts

Hi. Signed up for $15 per month but would like to swap over to the manual plan. How do I do this please? Thanks!

JUST JOINED! I cant wait to learn more from you Taylor!

Will the secret podcasts be coming over also and are you still making them? Thanks

Hunter Wallace

Signed up for a full year! I have been with your Patreon for a year! I love your mentorship!

I'm super excited to be here. I recently joined your Patreon but its a bit of a pain to navigate. Hopefully here it's a lot easier. I'm about to cancel the Patreon subscription.

Jason Kozlowski

Just signed up and happy to be here looking forward to learning a ton!

Nathan Baerreis

I'm excited to be here! Patreon is a bit of a drag. Lol

...you said something on your youtube video (about the R5/R6)- that our gear shouldn't be what inspires us as artists... but really, being an artist means taking inspiration from anything. If it's exciting, use it. Especially right now, ha.

Thanks for continuing to speak to things of interest. I always appreciate your nature!

Cancelled my Patreon and purchased this! Thanks, Taylor!!

Reginald Smart

Bro I just made the plug at an ridiculous price. I am so excited to be finally able to partake in your wealth of industry leading wedding education!

Darren Musgrove

Heyyyy All! I'm in, and I've signed up for the year. I was previously on Patreon on and off over the year, so for a years membership at that ptice is a steal, I even feel a bit guilty knowing the amount of content on offer. Sooo looking forward to what lies ahead, Thanks Taylor, you a top man!

Theresa McGuire

All I have to say is THANK YOU! Patreon was so annoying to navigate!

Greetings from the UK. Don’t know why I said that like an alien.
Anyway, I’m a new fan within the last few weeks. Love the content, really helping me feel confident about getting started working professionally. This site is the best $15 (whatever that is in £).
Quick question, When can we expect a course on becoming the best taco photographer?

The site is pretty Clean and easy to follow!! When would be a good time to cancel patreon?

David Kellman

Probably July 31st at 11:59pm

Taylor, I'm really looking forward to this. Appreciate the willingness to share and post content. True inspiration.

Radut Ciprian Andrei I.I. CUI: 32382871

Thanks, glad to be a founding member :)

I'm happy to hear about the content structuring! It has always been a pain to go back and find anything on Patreon.

Andreas Dominowski

I'm in! I missed the opportunity to hop on your 20$ patreon tier as wanted to wait until the next month because of patreons end of month billing - now i've got even more for less - thanks for the discount!
Iam a hobbyist and had the chance to shoot 3 weddings of friends so far and enjoyed it alot (cause i had no pressure to deliver) Your videos on YT realy inspire and i wanted "to give something back" though you really have a ton of content up here and the presets alone are worth the money. Best wishes from Germany, Andreas

Kevin Armentrout

Hi Taylor, just joined. Where can I find the Patreon specific things mentioned in the videos like all of the documentation (checklists, etc)? Are those to be made available over here or do we also need to do Patreon to get those?

Taylor Jackson

Everything will be coming over here! I'm not sure if I have any checklists posted, but do have some in the works. Pricing and everything is the next module to come over here. Plus new presets and then a new course for July

Kevin Armentrout


Glad you moved over...I was going to fall foul of the billing weirdness! Will you be moving your preset packages over?

Duh ...found them!!

Christopher Kovacic

Thank you for giving the opportunity to receive all this great information for such a low cost. I started watching you on YouTube last month and your a great teacher look forward to learning more